Report: Bill Ward, thanks fans for support, after Black Sabbath decided to move on without him…

Black Sabbath posted this message on their facebook page last Friday:

“We were saddened to hear yesterday via Facebook that Bill declined publicly to participate in our current Black Sabbath plans…we have no choice but to continue recording without him although our door is always open… We are still in the UK with Tony. Writing and recording the new album and on a roll… See you at Download!!!

– Tony, Ozzy and Geeze”

Bill posted this message on his site yesterday, read it, here.

Even if Sabbath welcomed Bill to come back to the band whenever he wanted, I think Bill just wanted to get payed a lot of money that everyone else couldn’t afford to pay him. People on the internet are blaming the labels, they’re blaming Sharon, etc. Sorry people, but there is no one to blame but Bill himself. He is being an ego driven greedy douche. This was all his decision.

If you knew Black Sabbath’s history, Bill had trouble sticking with the band for years. Read Tony’s book, “Iron Man”, it’s all there. Most fans are upset that the drummer could get replaced. Again, more evidence that there’s a lot of new & young fans out there who don’t know much about Black Sabbath. Sabbath went through so many members over the years, so I’m sure they are used to replacing musicians by now. They would have no trouble replacing somebody as I’m sure Ozzy & Tony would find somebody quickly.

My question is, did Bill already start recording drum tracks for the new album? Will they keep his drum tracks or scrap ’em for the replacement drummer?

I support Bill, yes, because he is a phenomenal drummer, but I won’t deny the fact that he is being greedy and all he cares about is money here. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tony ends up getting, Vinny Appice back.


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