A female version of Ash? Definitely sounds like Diablo Cody’s idea, all the way…

Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Rob Tapert, and team are still moving forward with the, “Evil Dead” remake, as more details of the project keep coming. Deadline, exclusively reports that the film found it’s leading star. Ash, won’t be played by Bruce Campbell after all. The character will be female this time around, and actress, Jane Levy, is officially hired for the role. Nobody knows who she is. She is a new and young upcoming actress, who has two other films coming out this year. Jane will be playing a character named, Mia, in the Evil Dead reboot.

Read the report here, at Deadline.

Harry Knowles over at AICN, says he already read the script for the movie. He says the script is scary and pretty similar to the original, Evil Dead movie, the first one. It’s just a younger cast and different characters.

Read Harry’s review of the script, here….

A lot of Evil Dead fans are being skeptical of this, saying it will suck and shouldn’t be remade, but being the big Evil Dead geek that I am, I’ll give it a chance. I honestly think a female version of, Ash, is a good idea and might be pretty entertaining. I’m sure she’s going to say, “Groovy”, at least once, just to get the audience going.

Harry says in the talkback there’s no Ash cameo in the script, but maybe he’s lying so he wouldn’t give out spoiling surprises. Ash played by Bruce should be in the film for at least a small scene. Or, maybe Bruce will get a cameo in the film playing a different character, who knows.

Hopefully, the remake will stay true to it’s low budget, B movie like style. I love the Evil Dead movies, all 3 of them.


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