If WWE wants to draw bigger ratings, then they need to turn John Cena heel…

The only reason WWE will not turn John Cena heel (badguy) is ’cause they’re afraid it might hurt the ratings, lose sponsors, and advertisements. Everyone wants Cena to turn into a full fledged heel, even I do. I think a Cena heel turn would be interesting. I think his super hero image is getting old. I don’t understand why the WWE thinks a Cena heel turn would hurt the company. It won’t. If Cena turns into a badguy that would certainly bring in more viewers, and it would get more people interested. It would also help bring the old fans back who stopped watching wrestling. Yep, I think WWE needs a Cena heel turn pretty badly.

They seem to be dropping hints about it, with his feuds against Kane and Zack Ryder. They seem to be hinting that Cena could get a heel turn at this year’s Wrestlemania. Will it happen? I don’t think so. His match against the Rock will probably end with Cena being the hero again.

I have started watching RAW again, to try and keep up with the storylines of Wrestlemania, to see what’s going on. I’m not sure if I will watch Wrestlemania or not. It will probably turn out to be a disappointing Wrestlemania like the last few were. For “Wrestlemania 28” on April 1st, would probably have like 1 or 2 great matches and the rest would be okay.

I’m sure Triple H vs. the Undertaker and Cena vs. The Rock would end up being the best matches.

Professional wrestling is really falling downhill though. I really feel bad. The early days of WWE and WCW were really great. It’s just sad the way wrestling is today. TNA Impact is having problems too. I still respect the wrestlers and performers ’cause they work hard. The early days of wrestling were all about wrestling, now it’s all family entertainment. Sad.

On RAW lately, there’s been mostly promos that were too long. Not much wrestling. When there is wrestling, it doesn’t turn out to be an actual wrestling match, just silly stuff.

I’m probably gonna end up watching “Wrestlemania” ’cause I want to see the HHH/Undertaker and the Rock/Cena match. I still haven’t lost my passion for professional wrestling. I will always love it dearly, I just hate how it is today.

Soon when the Wrestlemania 28 card is completed, I’ll post my predictions.


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