Thought: Media frenzy over Angelina Jolie’s leg…

I don’t get the media frenzy over Angelina Jolie’s leg, her right leg pose on the red carpet, which the internet have been all over since the day of the Oscars. It’s still being talked about.

I’ve been a die hard fan of Angie ever since her “Hackers” and “Cyborg 2” days, back when she was just a young girl. I can tell you that this wasn’t the first time she’s done this. In fact, she’s done sexual things over the years that were even crazier than the leg pose.

The leg pose at the Oscars, I believe, was just a hint that she still has the bad girl side of her. She used to be a bad girl and crazy in her younger years. Google search her photos and you would see what I mean.

Women do this stuff all the time, when they wear dresses like that, so what’s the big deal? The press would do anything just to get the internet going.


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