Report: Facebook buys Instagram for 1 billion…

I don’t use Instagram like most people ’cause I don’t take a lot of photos. I also don’t have a mobile phone yet. I don’t think I’ll ever get one. I do have a cell phone and an Ipad, that’s all the gadgets I need.

If I see something interesting when I’m out, I’ll take a pic using the cell phone. Not sure if the regular cell phone accepts the Instagram app, I’ll have to find out.

Mark Zuckerbrrg purchases, Instagram, the popular photo sharing site.


4 thoughts on “Report: Facebook buys Instagram for 1 billion…”

    1. I think what I meant was an Iphone or a Smart Phone, I don’t own either of those. I could probably get an Instagram app on my regular cell phone, and like I said, I’ll figure it out and look into it.


    1. yeah, it does have a camera. I’ll have to download the instagram app, from the App Store, I’ll look into it.


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