About Christian Bale visting injured children in Aurora in the Batman costume…

Well, the world of social media is trying to bring out Christian Bale, to get him to go to Aurora to visit injured children who were victims of the shooting at the hospital, wearing the Batman costume and all. Really? I agree with Christian Bale visiting children and other victims at the hospital, but he shouldn’t wear the costume. He should just go as himself. On top of all this, I’m sure Christian would love to visit victims in the hospital, but he’s a very busy man with his movie career and all. He won’t have the time. Christian just released a statement of the tragedy, read it, here.

I just think Christian wearing the Batman costume at the hospital is kind of a silly idea anyway. The reason why it’s silly is because Batman is a fictional character and they need to leave it at that. The real superheroes are the law enforcement and the victims of this tragedy alive or dead.

I think it would be better if Christopher Nolan or other cast members of the Dark Knight movies would visit the surviving victims. They probably will at some point when they have the time, I’m sure they’ll get around it. Or even better maybe Christopher Nolan can dedicate his next movie to the Aurora victims, I can see him doing that. Maybe the film makers and cast will donate some money to the Aurora hospital to pay for the victims hospital coverage, things like that.

This also shows that going to the movies is not always safe. There have been all kinds of shootings and stabbings at movie theaters, all over. I think I remember one story that some guy got shot and killed at a movie theater ’cause he wouldn’t stop talking. There are sometimes psychotic people that go to the movies. This stuff is nothing new.

One thought on “About Christian Bale visting injured children in Aurora in the Batman costume…”

  1. Showing up as Batman would likely traumatize the kids if they were victims of the shooting, since it happened during a Batman movie. What a horrible idea.

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