Looking forward to seeing “Skyfall” Friday afternoon…

I love James Bond movies. I’ve been watching 007 flicks for years, and of course, Sean Connery, will always be the best, Bond. Roger Moore was pretty good too. I loved Timothy Dalton for Bond, but he was Bond for only two films. The only Bond I didn’t like was, Pierce Brosnan, but I did like the movie, “Golden Eye”. “Golden Eye” was the only good Pierce Brosnan, 007 flick. Daniel Craig, makes a really good Bond, but they need to improve his films. “Casino Royale” was a great flick but “Quantum of Solace” sucked hard. Hopefully, “Skyfall” won’t disappoint. I’m looking forward to seeing “Skyfall”, this coming Friday. I’ll review the film for this site, of course. Hope it’s a good film. Probably will be.


4 thoughts on “Looking forward to seeing “Skyfall” Friday afternoon…”

  1. Glad to see someone else who liked Dalton as Bond! For me he was the best as he was just like Fleming’s character in the books.

    1. Yep. I thought “The Living Daylights” and “Licensed to Kill” were both excellent films. Too bad Dalton couldn’t play Bond in a few more films too. I thought he had potential and was the perfect Bond, in my opinion.


  2. Yeah sadly the writers were just waiting for Brosnan to finish with Remington Steel. They really messed Dalton about.

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