Kennedy Center honorees show to be aired on CBS, Dec. 26th…

President Obama will host the Kennedy Center honors show at the White House, which happened today, but will be aired on TV, Dec. 26th. Be sure to mark your calendars for that one. See the full article, here.

One thing that got me scratching my head, is what Robert said here,

Plant told The Associated Press he plans to continue traveling the world and wants to make new music along the way.

“If anybody wants to write some new songs, I’m game to write songs,” he said.

Did Robert just hint that he may write new songs with Led Zep?

Maybe he wasn’t referring to that, but it certainly seems like it. I’m sure that got other fans scratching their heads too. They may not go on a full tour, but that’s still not stopping them for making a new record. We’ll wait to see what they say on Letterman tomorrow night.




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