“Star Trek Into Darkness” teaser poster released…


To those who don’t know who that is, that is actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the main villain for the new Star Trek movie, “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, directed by JJ Abrams. A lot of speculation on which villain it is. Everyone’s saying it’s either Khan or Gary Mitchell.

I’m sure everyone knows who Khan is, but who is Gary Mitchell? Gary Mitchell is a villain from the original Star Trek series, and he would be seen in the episode, “Memory Alpha”. Gary Mitchell worked for Starfleet on the Enterprise with, Kirk and the gang. More info, on Gary Mitchell, here. I’m sure, some of you remember that episode now.

Or it could be a totally different villain. We’ll have to wait and see the film. Another film I look forward to next year. A lot of you know, I’m a pretty big Trekkie!


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