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Why so many people are upset with “Star Trek Into Darkness”… just saw it…

I’ve just seen, “Star Trek Into Darkness” and since so many people gave this film mixed reviews, I wanted to talk about my thoughts on why people hated it so much. There’s a few reasons for the negative criticism over, “Star Trek Into Darkness”, the latest Star Trek movie by JJ Abrams. I’ll put a spoiler warning in.

***************************SPOILER WARNING**********************

The reason this film has gotten negatively criticized a lot is because of a few big scenes…..

1) Kirk’s death scene is a total remake from Spock’s death from, “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”. Spock stealing, “Khhaaaaaan’s” catchphrase from Kirk was wrong too.

2)  The Spock vs. Khan fight scene was messed up also. Keep in mind that Mr. Spock was never a violent guy. Throughout the original TV series and the original movies, Spock never used his fists to fight. Except the only time Spock used violence was that he used a weapon to fight Kirk in the original Star Trek episode, “Amok Time”. Other than that, Spock never used any violence whatsoever. If Spock wanted to hurt people, he would do the pinch nerve that he’s known for and I don’t think I haven’t seen Zachary Quinto do that with his Spock.

3) The Enterprise hiding underwater was silly as hell.

4) There are also tons of plot holes throughout the film… the script was a mess.

5) Benedict Cumberbatch trying too hard to be Ricardo Montalban who played the original Khan

The good things I can say about the new movie is that Spock in the volcano scene was kind of cool and I also liked Peter Weller, the Robocop actor, being in the film. He played a good villain. I also liked Alice Eve, the sexy blonde in the film.

Other than that, the film was a big disappointment. I didn’t “hate it”…. it just wasn’t very good. It was definitely a little better than “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”, though. I’m glad JJ left for Star Wars. Who ever takes JJ’s place in Star Trek better do a good job ’cause this franchise needs to get saved, big time.

I’d still say ditch the re-boot and try something new.

Why not give “Deep Space Nine” their own movie? I just started watching “Deep Space Nine” on Netflix and it’s a great show actually. I kind of like it more than TNG, honestly. “Deep Space Nine” definitely deserves their own film.


What I miss about the Star Trek franchise…

I do like what JJ Abrams is doing to the “Star Trek” reboot, and I know a lot of new fans like what he has done, but a lot of new Star Trek fans don’t understand what the franchise is really about. Will the new Star Trek fans who support JJ’s work, go back to the older Star Trek series like the original Trek, TNG, and all the others? No probably not. The newer fans will probably stick with JJ’s Trek. They won’t understand the older series. Which is sad.

Remember, Kirk and Picard’s opening voice over intro when the shows start, “To seek out new lives and new civilizations”, that’s what Star Trek is about. That’s what JJ Abrams seems to be forgetting with the new movies. Star Trek is about politics, and exploration in space. JJ’s movies has a little bit of that, but JJ turned his Star Trek movies into epic fantasy action/adventures. I miss the actual storytelling with the Star Trek, franchise. Where’s the science fiction? What made the earlier Star Trek series worked ’cause they were true science fiction stories. JJ’s “Star Trek”, isn’t true science fiction. They’re action movies, in my opinion. Star Trek stories also had a mix of drama and humor. JJ’s movies has some of that, but not enough.

Star Trek was never about violent action scenes and big special effects. They were about telling science fiction stories. Telling stories similar to what Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury has done. That’s why I love Star Trek. I just loved the storytelling, the science fiction part of things. That’s why a lot of people believe that Star Trek is boring because the pacing of the movies and the earlier TV shows were pretty slow for them, yet, the non-Trekkie’s find Star Wars better. Now that JJ has turned Star Trek into Star Wars, people now had a change of heart with Star Trek. How ironic is that, right?

I like the earlier Star Trek series, the original Trek, TNG, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise. I loved all of the movies except for “Star Trek: Insurrection”, and “The Final Frontier”, which were pretty bad films. With that being said, I’m looking forward to “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, the new Trek movie by JJ Abrams, but I’m still going to miss the old school way of Star Trek. I never really wanted the re-boot to happen, honestly. I was hoping the TNG cast would get one more film or the “Voyager” cast would get their own movie ’cause that would be cool.

Also, when is there going to be a new Star Trek television series? That’s what all the Trekkie’s wanna know too. There haven’t been a new Trek series in a while. I hope they come out with something new myself, but I hope they don’t re-boot any of the older series and they should come up with something new.

Speaking of Star Trek: TNG, I’ve been watching it a lot on Netflix. Just at the end of “Season 3”. I still remember all of these episodes like yesterday, ’cause I used to watch “The Next Generation”, obsessively when it used to be on TV back in the day. “The Next Generation” is a great show, and am glad to be re-watching it again. Thanks to Netflix for uploading all the Trek series made to stream. Yes, I’m a die-hard Trekkie, and very proud of it. Again, I do like JJ’s take on Star Trek, I just miss their old way of telling Star Trek stories, and that’s the point I’m trying to make in this post.


Cool Video: “Star Trek Into Darkness” trailer is finally here! Looks great but…

… to be honest, I really miss the style of Star Trek movies from the original series and The Next Generation movies. I like Star Trek movies with great storytelling that are insightful, and the ones that don’t rely on action, and big special effects. “Star Trek Into Darkness”, honestly, looks like a complete rehash of the first one. The special effects and action looks impressive, but I don’t want to see Star Trek like that. The reason the original Trek movies and the TNG movies worked, ’cause they completely relied on science fiction. JJ Abrams take on Star Trek are more like Star Wars films to me.

I still wish the TNG cast would reunite and make one final TNG movie, but looks like that’s not going to happen any time soon. It would be nice to see if the Voyager cast would get their own movie ’cause Captain Janeway, just kicks ass as a captain. “Voyager” was a great series, and plan on re-watching it on Netflix at some point.

I’ll still see “Star Trek: Into Darkness” in theater, sure. It does look pretty good.


“Star Trek Into Darkness” teaser poster released…


To those who don’t know who that is, that is actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the main villain for the new Star Trek movie, “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, directed by JJ Abrams. A lot of speculation on which villain it is. Everyone’s saying it’s either Khan or Gary Mitchell.

I’m sure everyone knows who Khan is, but who is Gary Mitchell? Gary Mitchell is a villain from the original Star Trek series, and he would be seen in the episode, “Memory Alpha”. Gary Mitchell worked for Starfleet on the Enterprise with, Kirk and the gang. More info, on Gary Mitchell, here. I’m sure, some of you remember that episode now.

Or it could be a totally different villain. We’ll have to wait and see the film. Another film I look forward to next year. A lot of you know, I’m a pretty big Trekkie!