Cool Video: Heart performs “Stairway” at Kennedy Center honors…

There was live music at the Kennedy Center Honors but Led Zep didn’t perform, of course. Instead, they had other artists perform for them. Here is Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, performing “Stairway”, with an unknown band and Jason Bonham on the drums. It was a killer performance, but my only negative was the choir. You see, I’m  not knocking the choir, I  think they did great but the choir wasn’t needed. I think it was just there for show. “Stairway” doesn’t really need a church choir backing the song up. Ann could have sang the song fine without them. I’m not saying the choir sucked, it just wasn’t needed, that’s all. I mean, a lot of people mistakenly wants to believe that “Stairway” is a religious song, but I never thought it was a religious song and I don’t think that was Robert’s intention when he wrote the lyrics.

A lot of people are talking about Robert’s emotions when he’s watching the performance, trying to fight back tears. Um, I don’t think Robert’s the only emotional one here. All three of those guys: Jonesy, Robert, and Jimmy looked like they were about to cry. Even Jason too.

Other than that, this was a phenomenal performance. If  they got rid of the choir, the performance would have been even better.

I also loved the look on Jimmy’s face when that guy in the band started playing the guitar solo. The look on Jimmy’s face is priceless. Jimmy is probably saying to himself, “This guy is better than me, damn!”



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