Cool Photos: Never before seen photos of Marilyn in New York, taken by 15 year old fan…

This is pretty interesting, I just had to post it. Rare photos of Marilyn Monroe visiting New York City, shortly before she sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK at MSG surfaced the web today. They were taken by Peter Mangone when he was 15 years old. He was also the one who filmed the footage of Marilyn performing at MSG.

Marilyn, all smiles and looking beautiful like she always was. I can see why she dated so many men and had affairs with many of them ’cause you can easily fall in love with someone like her. As soon as you lay your eyes on Marilyn, she immediately makes you smile. That’s how powerful this woman is. She’s very likeable.

See the photos, here.

Speaking of Marilyn, I just watched a 45 minute documentary of her called, “Marilyn In Manhatten”, on Netflix, the other night. It’s very good, even though it’s a short documentary, check it out. Very informative about her stay in NYC.


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