Finally, we get a John Cena-less RAW show last night…

Oh man, am I seeing my eyes correctly? There was no John Cena appearance on RAW last night at all!!! I’m sure he was there and backstage at the show, he just wasn’t used for WWE TV for some reason. Probably, because WWE was afraid that Cena might overshadow Paul Bearer’s night. I read that John Cena did appear on RAW, after the show went off the air, though, just to make the fans happy. Last night was proof that WWE can do good without John Cena being around. Last night’s RAW was actually a very good show, all the way through.

Last night’s opening segment, is going to be looked at as a classic years from now. Undertaker goes out to the ring to give a tribute to Paul Bearer, and of course, CM Punk interrupts to offer his condolences to his Wrestlemania streak, instead of Paul Bearer. It may have been harsh and disrespectful to get CM Punk involved in the Paul Bearer tribute, but truthfully, that’s what Paul Bearer himself would have wanted. Will Moody (Paul Bearer’s real name) would have wanted WWE to use his death in storylines. So they were doing that stuff in honor of him. Plus, it was to help give CM Punk even more heel heat and it worked. As long as Punk is pissing a lot of people off at the live shows and online, he did his job. That’s what heels are supposed to do. They’re supposed to anger and upset people, and Punk is the best at that.

I also loved the Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar segment too. There was a lot of heel heat in that. I’m also glad to see the Bella Twins back. While I hate most of today’s wrestling divas, I actually enjoy the Bella Twins. The Bella Twins have been gone for a long while. I wasn’t into this Fandango gimmick at first, but that guy grew on me. Fandango is a pretty funny character, and I’m looking forward to seeing what WWE is gonna do that character.

While RAW was a pretty good show last night, most importantly, it was all about the loss of Paul Bearer. Only thing I’m disappointed in that the crowd were terrible when it came to Paul Bearer. It seems kids in today’s generation no longer knows who the legends from the 80’s are anymore. The longtime wrestling fans like me, would know who these old guys are, but kids today would be confused. Undertaker got more of a cheer, than Paul Bearer did. I mean fuck, man. Paul Bearer wasn’t even a trending topic at all on twitter last night, and WWE tried their best to make the hashtag #PaulBearer, a trending topic but they failed.

My only negative of last night’s show of what they were doing with Kane. I was expecting Kane to be the monster, after Paul Bearer’s death. Kane return the scary monster as a way of mourning, Paul Bearer. He was the scary monster for a while, but until the end of the show, they did this stupid segment where Kane was stalking Halle Berry on the phone. I hate what WWE is doing with Kane. Turning him into a funny comedian ’cause of the PG rating, when Kane should be looked at as a scary monster. They should have never put the mask back on Kane. I thought he was better with it off.

Last night’s RAW was decent. See? They don’t need John Cena around, they can do fine without him. That was the surprise of the night, not seeing John Cena on TV.


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