Do I think Hillary Clinton deserves her NBC biopic mini-series starring Diane Lane?

What do you think my answer will be to the question in this title? Do I think Hillary deserves her biopic film that NBC is planning to do in 2016 as part of the next elections? Well, obviously, you can betcha I’m gonna say no to that one. What NBC is doing, they’re rewarding an evil woman. An evil woman who is a liar, criminal, and murderer. We can’t have that. Hopefully, she’ll be exposed for Benghazi even before this mini-series happen. Of course, this biopic is planning to make her look good for the elections. In the biopic, they’ll make her look like a sweet and powerful lady for sure. The biopic will ignore all the bad stuff she has done over the years. Especially Benghazi.

I’m not gonna knock Diane Lane ’cause she’s a tremendous actress (She had a role in, “Man of Steel”, too). I’m just knocking NBC for giving Hillary this opportunity.

If Hillary does happen to become the next president (wouldn’t surprise me)… it’s gonna be scary. She could be ten times worse than Barack Obama. Liberal political figures are absolutely horrible and evil.

Maybe you guys are right. Even if you all may agree that Obama/Hillary had something to do with Benghazi, they’re probably gonna get away with it, anyways. Obama serves his full 2nd term and Hillary will probably end up getting elected ’cause I’m 100% sure, liberal people will be all over her. She’s already getting tons of support from the liberals. It’s just sickening. I hate liberals, man. Hate ’em all.

They just ignore all the bad stuff these people in politics do and they still find them good people. It’s insane. Us conservatives aren’t like that at all. When a politician is bad, they’re bad — doesn’t matter if they’re right/left. A lot of us right-wingers didn’t even like George W. Bush as president. We’re pretty honest people while those damn liberals live in fantasy worlds and they’re all misinformed. Even if it’s proven that Barack & Hillary were totally responsible for Benghazi, they’ll still call them heroes.

That’s all politics, I guess. You’ll come across a lot of weird people in the political world. Nobody knows what reality is anymore.


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