It really seems like liberals are only allowed freedom of speech these days…

It really is hard being republican/conservative. As some of you already know, I have a strong belief in conservatism. It’s what I truly believe in. When you’re in a public forum like facebook, and your friendslists is full of liberals… they’ll all come after you when you publicly speak your views on current politics. Yes, my personal facebook page is full of liberals. I almost came close to deleting them all a couple of times but then I thought to myself for a few minutes and decided that would be a bad idea to do. So I figure, if those liberals find what I say offensive… they can either delete me or block me instead which is better. I do have some conservative people in my friendslist in facebook but not too many. I wish I had a lot more right-wingers in my friendslist, though, ’cause that would be pretty helpful.

The thing is, when you surround yourself with liberals… you have to watch what you say almost all the time. No matter the conservative topic you want to talk about like anti-Obama stuff, gay marriage, abortion, gun control, etc. — you better be ready for a heated debate. You better be ready for those liberals to get all over you. They’ll accuse you of being misinformed and uneducated when you attack Obama and all that stuff. If you’re conservative, they’ll find what you say is dark and offensive ’cause you have opposite thoughts than they do.

I guess that’s part of why there is a left wing and right wing part of politics. It’s to help keep people separated. That’s why there is a republican and democrat parties. They don’t want to keep people with different thoughts into one group so they get divided. There’s a pretty good reason why they keep ’em separate ’cause it’s almost like a football team. You join liberals and conservatives into one forum, there’s going to be a heated flame war.

That’s why I mostly like to discuss politics with other people in republican/conservative forums in facebook so I can be away from the liberals. If you discuss politics with other conservative people, there will be no heated debates. It’ll all be mature and intelligent discussions with no negativity. Other conservative people will have no problem with what you say.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are going through the same thing, I see. They’re being kicked off their radiostations because liberal people, don’t like them. Uggggggghhhh…. those liberals are damn annoying, they think the world revolves around them.

I don’t see how my politics are dark and controversial, ya know? I just pretty much talk about the same stuff other conservatives talk about. Liberals think we right-wingers are bad people and uneducated? Well, we would think the same as the left-wingers. It’s a back and forth thing, ya know what I mean? It really does seem that the liberals win at everything, these days. It’s ridiculous but it’s all politics.

Right-wingers are pretty well informed and intelligent people. We know our stuff. It seems that there are no right or wrong answers in politics anymore ’cause everyone wants to tell their own version of the truth. Even if Obama does get impeached and arrested for the horrible crimes he committed (like Benghazi, Operation: F&F, drones, IRS/spying, etc.)  — you can betcha there are gonna be angry liberals protesting and rallying to get Obama freed or to get pardoned and all that stuff.

This world is messed up, man. If us right-wingers aren’t allowed our freedom of speech, then the liberals don’t deserve it either.


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