Another note on President Obama and Syria…

Obama has no reason to attack Syria. He knows it. We all know it. Why is he getting in on Syria’s business? It isn’t because of the chemical weapons. I know the only reason he’s getting himself involved in Syria. This answer should be no surprise to everyone reading this and it could potentially piss some off too but it’s gotta be said.

Okay, here we go…

The only reason Obama’s getting himself into this is because… he’s using Syria as a distraction from Benghazi. That’s it. He’s trying his best to keep our minds off of Benghazi. He knows that the American people wants answers about the Benghazi attacks and he knows we want justice for the 4 Americans. This is just Obama’s way of covering himself up even more and trying to get away with it. Everybody knows Obama is responsible for the Benghazi consulate attack. That’s why John Kerry wants to get in on Syria ’cause it’s their opportunity to get away with the Benghazi attacks. There is no reason to get in on Syria at all. Obama also has no right to blame Assad on the chemical weapons and he goes on TV calling him a dictator and shit when Obama’s nothing but a dictator himself.

I’m not defending Assad but it’s wrong of Obama to go on TV accusing him of these things when there’s really no proof or hard evidence of the chemical weapons.

He’s still trying to get away with Benghazi, Obama. That’s all there is to it, folks. When ever the American people continue to put the blame on Obama for Benghazi, Obama will try to find ways to get their minds off of it. No matter how hard Obama tries to get our minds off of Benghazi, we’re NEVER gonna get our minds off of the 9/11/12 attacks.

Hopefully, Vladimir Putin will help bring out the truth of Benghazi ’cause that would be awesome if he did. It seems like Putin wants to get rid of President Obama just like some of us.

Barack will be held accountable for Benghazi. It’s hard to get away with stuff like this. It may take a long time to prove that Obama was behind Benghazi but we’ll get him. Osama Bin Laden paid for what he did. The same for Saddam Hussein. Barack O’ will pay too. Just wait, it’ll happen.


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