I wonder if President Obama will help Nairobi, Kenya…

What’s going on at the Nairobi mall in Kenya is very tragic. It’s a heartbreaking and very sad story. I’m praying for the people in Kenya. While this is horrible, this should be good enough to show that the Muslim religion isn’t peaceful at all. I also wonder if President Obama will respond to the Nairobi mall attacks. A lot of people have been killed and many more have been held hostage by Islamic people. Muslims are getting out of hand in this world. With their violence and hate of innocent people.

I don’t think President Obama will respond to the Nairobi attacks. Simply because in his last African trip he avoided Kenya like the plague and he will completely avoid this too. I’m sure people are going to expect Obama to play peacemaker in this. Will Obama send US military help in Nairobi?

No… and for a few reasons:

1) Kenya could possibly be his birthplace.

2) He stands behind his fellow Muslim people.

Watch President Obama stay silent throughout the Nairobi tragedy as it happens in the news. He’s willing to help other countries when they’re in trouble like Syria for example but he’s gonna leave Kenya alone in this.

So far, Obama hasn’t said anything about the Nairobi mall attacks and don’t expect him to either. It’s gonna hurt his presidency if he gets himself into this one since it involves Muslims and all.


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