Top Gun, why take it off streaming on Netflix???

Over the weekend, I had to re-watch “Top Gun” on Netflix since I had it in my instant que and they are about ready to take it off streaming Oct. 1st, that’s tomorrow. My question is why?

I have seen “Top Gun” too many times over the years but the weird thing about that is, I haven’t seen this film in a long time. I decided to re-watch this film for a bit of a throwback and I almost forgot how great this film really is. It really is a beautiful film. Some scenes maybe kind of cheesy but that’s the 80’s, ya know? Everything about this film is so great. The writing, the acting, casting, and even the soundtrack is really good! You probably remember the songs, “Danger Zone”, and “Take My Breathe Away”. Plus, the iconic opening instrumental theme. Also, Val Kilmer’s performance is what helps make this movie great! This film has a mix of genres into one: it’s a drama, a love story, action movie, comedy, etc.

There have been talks that Jerry Bruckheimer is planning a Top Gun sequel that will reunite Tom and Val in the leading role.

To be honest, I don’t think the film really needs a sequel ’cause the original is just perfect just the way it is! It is one of Tom’s best films in his career and I think I’m gonna buy the film on Blu Ray soon since they are taking it off Netflix streaming.

“Top Gun” is still streaming on Netflix but it’s only available for tonight, I believe. They will take it off tomorrow so if you wanna watch “Top Gun” on Netflix better hurry up and watch it tonight if you got nothing to watch! I hate when Netflix takes off good movies. Especially the essential ones like “Top Gun”. Maybe they’re trying to make more room for other films or it has something to do with licensing/permission? Don’t know.

Here is Val Kilmer talking with Larry King on plans for “Top Gun 2”.

It’s a shame what happened to Tony Scott. He was a talented film director.


4 thoughts on “Top Gun, why take it off streaming on Netflix???”

    1. That article is pretty old. And it has nothing to do with the removal of “Top Gun” ’cause that film is not even listed in that site.

      I think the removal for “Top Gun” is ’cause of the company who made the movie only gave Netflix the permission a certain amount of time to stream it. It wasn’t meant to be permanent.


      1. Right, but the article does talk about the thought process which goes into why some things appear and then go away. That was the purpose. As for Top Gun specifically you are probably right.

  1. Ah man, I didn’t even know it was ON Netflix streaming! Probably a good thing, too, or I would have wasted so much time watching it over and over, I love that movie.

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