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Val Kilmer officially returning to “Top Gun” sequel to reprise his role as the Iceman…

This is great news and it’s just another reason to get all excited for the “Top Gun” sequel. Iceman is coming back! Which is really cool ’cause this movie wouldn’t work without the Iceman.

“Top Gun: Maverick” has already started filming this summer and now the casting has just started.


So far Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are the only two stars confirmed for the sequel. I’m sure the film makers will sign more to the film so we’ll have to wait and see. Will Kelly McGillis return as Charlie Blackwood who played Maverick’s lover in the first one? I think there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see her too. Only thing though, Kelly is 60 years old now so I’m not sure a love story continuing between her and Maverick would work. I’m sure they’re gonna get Maverick a new love interest in the new movie, a younger female, of course but I’m sure Kelly will be back.

I think it’s a possibility this film could be a full on reunion. Everyone from the first movie could be coming back including Tom Skerritt as Viper.

Of course, the only character that can’t be returning to the new movie is obviously Goose ’cause you all know what happened to him in the first movie, right? It would be cool if Anthony Edwards could return but it wouldn’t work. I’m sure there’ll be some Goose flashbacks and I’m sure the film will honor Goose in some way by having someone else to play piano to sing “Great Balls of Fire” or “You Lost that Loving Feeling”.

Back to Val Kilmer… it’s gonna be interesting, though. I haven’t seen Val Kilmer in a new movie in many years. I think Kilmer is a phenomenal actor and he has starred in many great films in the 80’s and 90’s. I think the reason we haven’t seen much of Val lately is ’cause he has been having health problems, lately, I think? Looks like he’s all better now.

Can’t wait to see who the rest of the cast will be. There will be some familiar faces from the first movie and I’m sure they will bring in some new actors as well. I’m sure they’ll find Maverick a new love interest, a new female and younger. You know how all Tom Cruise movies are. He always have a young hot looking love interest in his movies. They’ll do the same with this one as well. Anyway, it’s gonna be really cool to see Val and Tom reunite ’cause they haven’t starred in a movie together ever since the first Top Gun movie was released in 1986.


Top Gun 2 on the way to the big screen… Will Tom Cruise reprise his role as Maverick?

Interesting movie news broke today that the script for “Top Gun 2” is being written by Justin Marks. Will Tom Cruise reprise his role as Maverick which is one of his most famous roles of all time? Yes, Tom is definitely planning on returning but only for a small role… he’s not gonna be the lead. While Tom is just gonna have a small role, they’re doing whatever it takes to make his role really good so it won’t disappoint fans. Maverick is definitely returning in some form.


I’m all for a Top Gun sequel as long as Val Kilmer returns as the Iceman. That character helped make the movie work. Hopefully, Kelly McGillis returns too.

“Top Gun” is one of Tom’s best roles, though. It’s one of my favorite movies.


Look like Netflix kept “Top Gun” streaming after all!!!

After watching a little bit of TV on Netflix this evening… I have noticed that Netflix decided to keep “Top Gun” w/ Tom Cruise on Netflix streaming after all!!! I swore they put up a notice that they were going to take it off on Oct 1st. It’s Oct 1st today and “Top Gun” is still on there for streaming but it don’t have the “Available until October 1st” text on there anymore. Look like Netflix got too many complaints from “Top Gun” fans. I’m glad they decided to keep it on there. So enjoy!!!!



Top Gun, why take it off streaming on Netflix???

Over the weekend, I had to re-watch “Top Gun” on Netflix since I had it in my instant que and they are about ready to take it off streaming Oct. 1st, that’s tomorrow. My question is why?

I have seen “Top Gun” too many times over the years but the weird thing about that is, I haven’t seen this film in a long time. I decided to re-watch this film for a bit of a throwback and I almost forgot how great this film really is. It really is a beautiful film. Some scenes maybe kind of cheesy but that’s the 80’s, ya know? Everything about this film is so great. The writing, the acting, casting, and even the soundtrack is really good! You probably remember the songs, “Danger Zone”, and “Take My Breathe Away”. Plus, the iconic opening instrumental theme. Also, Val Kilmer’s performance is what helps make this movie great! This film has a mix of genres into one: it’s a drama, a love story, action movie, comedy, etc.

There have been talks that Jerry Bruckheimer is planning a Top Gun sequel that will reunite Tom and Val in the leading role.

To be honest, I don’t think the film really needs a sequel ’cause the original is just perfect just the way it is! It is one of Tom’s best films in his career and I think I’m gonna buy the film on Blu Ray soon since they are taking it off Netflix streaming.

“Top Gun” is still streaming on Netflix but it’s only available for tonight, I believe. They will take it off tomorrow so if you wanna watch “Top Gun” on Netflix better hurry up and watch it tonight if you got nothing to watch! I hate when Netflix takes off good movies. Especially the essential ones like “Top Gun”. Maybe they’re trying to make more room for other films or it has something to do with licensing/permission? Don’t know.

Here is Val Kilmer talking with Larry King on plans for “Top Gun 2”.

It’s a shame what happened to Tony Scott. He was a talented film director.


Report: Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Maverick for “Top Gun” sequel but for a small role…

At first, Tom Cruise, denied talks that he will be returning as Maverick, for the upcoming, “Top Gun” sequel, but looks like he changed his mind. He actually agreed to return to the sequel, but the only thing is, it will be a cameo.

See the article, here.

Good on Tom! Glad he realized that a Top Gun sequel wouldn’t be right without him at all, a small role is good enough.