Top Gun 2 on the way to the big screen… Will Tom Cruise reprise his role as Maverick?

Interesting movie news broke today that the script for “Top Gun 2” is being written by Justin Marks. Will Tom Cruise reprise his role as Maverick which is one of his most famous roles of all time? Yes, Tom is definitely planning on returning but only for a small role… he’s not gonna be the lead. While Tom is just gonna have a small role, they’re doing whatever it takes to make his role really good so it won’t disappoint fans. Maverick is definitely returning in some form.

I’m all for a Top Gun sequel as long as Val Kilmer returns as the Iceman. That character helped make the movie work. Hopefully, Kelly McGillis returns too.

“Top Gun” is one of Tom’s best roles, though. It’s one of my favorite movies.


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