Inspirational quote from Lou Reed…

“Who cares? I never wrote for them then, I don’t write for them now. I have no interest in what they have to say about anything. I’m interested in whether I like it. I write for me.” – Lou Reed, in response to negative criticism toward his album, “Lulu” (quote stolen from an interview)

Lou’s got it right.

This is what music should be about. Making music for you and not anybody else. Music shouldn’t be about pleasing everyone.

There’s nothing wrong with liking your own music. As long as you’re proud of your music and enjoy your songs… that’s all that should matter.

If too many people hate your music, screw ’em. It’s not the end of the world. Just play music ’cause you like it… it’s just as simple as that. Don’t let the haters win.


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