Clarifications about my online Obama posts…

Whenever I discuss the corrupt President Obama online… and when decide to argue with me… I would usually get accused of a lot of stuff. I’d hate to explain myself but I gotta get it done to get it off my mind. I would list the popular things that people yell at me about when discussing President Obama online and I will kindly correct them on how they are so wrong:

  • People have accused me of hating Barack Obama ’cause the right-wing media told me to: Wrong. All of the stuff I’ve said about Obama over the years, I mean well. These are my own thoughts and my own feelings about the man. I don’t hate him ’cause other people do… it’s how I really feel. I never liked him from the very beginning even before the first election. I always knew there was something fishy about him and I always knew he was going to be a corrupt President if he was elected… I was right. He did turn out to be the most corrupt president ever… and I knew that ever since he said, “change”.
  • People have accused me of believing in too much conspiracy theory bullshit or stuff that’s said on the internet: Wrong again. Most of the stuff reported about Obama is not conspiracy theory. I wouldn’t really call Benghazi or Operation: F&F, drones, and other stuff conspiracy theory. They are pretty real. Some of it maybe conspiracy theory but not all of it. I know what’s real, and what’s fake so I’m not dumb. Obama defenders just don’t wanna accept the truth that he’s a corrupt president so they go out of their way calling that stuff “internet rumors” or “conspiracy theory”… it’s just their lousy attempt of defending Obama and they do a lousy job at it.
  • People have accused me of watching too much Fox News Or CNN: Wrong for the third time. I hate both of those news stations just as much as the next person… I don’t watch ’em at all. I follow Obama’s presidency and political career through other sources.
  • I accuse Obama of everything:- Nope. If you’ve noticed, I don’t get too deep into politics, money, and the economics. I mostly concentrate on the tragedies and crimes against our country like Benghazi, Operation: F&F, drone attacks, and things like that. I could care less about all that liberal human rights nonsense… I’m more concerned for the safety of our country than anything. If you notice on my political blogging and online debates… I put our country first. I don’t talk about Obamacare too much. I talk about attacks that involves the US, tragedies, wars, etc. I care about our fellow Americans and don’t want to see them getting killed and there is no way I’m going to ignore the President on that stuff. I want answers like most. I get all over Obama ’cause I don’t like how he’s treating our country. I don’t accuse him of everything, only stuff that involves the US government during the Obama presidency.
  • People say I am a racist:  People say that to me all the time, “You’re a racist”. Not true. I love black people, I really really do… I just don’t have to agree and respect everything they do. I’m a realist with people of all types. Try to remember that Obama is half-white and he was born from a white mother so that doesn’t make a white person racist for hating on Obama. If black people do bad things, they do bad things… there’s no way I’m gonna ignore it and smile about it.
  • I am the only one who hates Obama: Now what kind of lie is that? I’m not alone who thinks Obama is the most corrupt president in history. There are many others out there who are with me and it’s not just the conservative/republican parties either. When people say I’m one of the very few who hate Obama and want him gone, it’s just a lousy attempt to make him look good. Obama’s approval ratings has gone way down and many are calling for impeachment. Stop pretending I’m the only one ’cause you know it’s not true.
  • My Obama posts are old, tiresome and annoying: If you feel that way… good. I’m doing my job and doing it well. I’m not gonna quit until America finally wakes up about the man. I’m gonna keep going until your fucking head spins. Yes, my Obama rantings online has sparked a lot of controversy and drama over the years. Many have blocked me from facebook and people don’t like me anymore ’cause of it. There have been some heated discussions. I don’t give a shit either if people don’t like what I do. My goal is trying to get people to wake up… trying to get people to know that they shouldn’t be believing in Obama or even trusting him. While most Americans already know how he is… Obama still has supporters and he still has people who have a hard-on for him. Trying to give people a reality check. I’m gonna keep going. Can’t stop. I’m not gonna stop ’cause other people want me to… freedom of speech works both ways.

Well, that should cover it all, I think.

It’s going to be interesting to see how people are going to react once it’s proven that Obama is nothing but a murderous maniac. Maybe many who disagreed with my Obama rants would come back to me and say, “Sorry, Kev, you were right about him all along”. Once it’s proven that Obama was behind Benghazi and other tragedies… you’ll feel guilty for thinking that he wasn’t behind these crimes. Trust me.

Obama will be held accountable for his actions… and you know it’s coming for him. The time will come.


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