Dexter is coming to Netflix streaming tomorrow on Halloween… yes, all 8 seasons…

Now that “Dexter” is all done on Showtime… the show will be made available for streaming tomorrow on Halloween for Netflix services. If you’re subscribed to Netflix, I would recommend you start watching this show for those who never had Showtime and never got to watch it. It really is a great show. All 8 seasons will be made available. I already have most of the seasons on DVD anyway but I think I’m going to start re-watching the final season on there.

Too bad that the show had to last for 8 seasons as I thought it could go on for a few more but Michael C. Hall was the only one who wanted to quit and move on.

If you’re looking for something to watch for Halloween weekend… start watching, “Dexter”. One of my favorite shows. Enjoy!


EDIT TO ADD: I didn’t get to watch all of Season 8 ’cause I had to get rid of Showtime. I don’t have Showtime anymore. Too expensive. Now I’ll be able to catch up with the rest of the show and see how it ended.

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