President Obama is NOT harmless and innocent… get over yourselves…

Man, I’m getting tired of close-minded people defending Obama. When will the American people ever wake up and realize that he is not harmless and innocent? I hate discussing politics in facebook for that reason. A lot of people claim they don’t like Obama but they still continue to defend the man for whatever reason. A lot of people mistakenly believe that Obama is completely harmless and innocent when he’s far from it.

He’s the least transparent president in the United States history. I repeat in all big caps… LEAST TRANSPARENT. Why don’t we know a lot about President Obama? It’s because he wants it that way. Every president from the past have been transparent… everybody except Obama. Obama promised to be transparent in the beginning of his presidency and I don’t see him fulfilling his promises yet. If there is a president or any political figure of any kind who is least transparent… then that automatically makes him violent and dangerous. You think if we don’t know much about this person.. there will be something a little off about them, right? This is why a lot of Americans hate the guy — well, at least the Republicans/conservative people do anyway.

And like I explained before.. a lot of people mistakenly believe Obama is harmless and innocent ’cause that’s how he wants people to see him as publicly. Behind the scenes… Obama is a maniac. It’s all about control and manipulation. People aren’t recognizing his lies and his cover-ups.

A lot of people fail to see him as a murderous madman ’cause they refuse to accept the truth. Some also believe that Obama has done nothing impeachable which is also laughable.

I’ve read a news report that explosions and bombings occurred at a US embassy in Yemen… and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama administration was behind that as well ’cause they are no stranger to attacking US embassies (Benghazi, anyone?).

Keep defending President Obama, idiots. One day you’re gonna regret it and feel guilty that you defended him. One day you will realize that I was right about him all along. The day will come when you will see Obama wearing a prison jumpsuit — wearing cuffs by the hands and legs and all. The more you defend President Obama — the Muslims and terrorists just won. Obama hates America and all he wants to do is kill us all. Think about it a few minutes.


2 thoughts on “President Obama is NOT harmless and innocent… get over yourselves…”

  1. If you re-read my comments you will see quite clearly that I, nor was anyone defending Obama. We all agree he’s a scumbag. We just disagree on the fact that he ordered a pointless attack on a US embassy that would in no way further his political career, only damage it.

    1. I will stand by what I say. Obama planned and ordered the attack on Benghazi. Who is the only person that is allowed to give the stand down order? Yes, that’s right. None other than the Commander in Chief. Hillary is not in position to give an order like that. Who is in charge of all the embassies around the world? Yes, that’s right. None other than the Commander In Chief. Where are all the survivors when there had to be some? Why wasn’t there no military help? These are the things they are trying to get answers for.Obama and his administration is being secretive on all of this stuff so if he’s not talking… then it’s at the point right now where he definitely had something to do with the attack, all the way. Don’t fool yourself, bro.


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