What will happen to the Obama administration in 2014???


I loved this political meme in facebook so I decided to share it here for laughs but it’s still true, though. These three sick sons of bitches Obama, Hillary and Holder deserves prison. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these three are criminals and cold blooded murderers.

These three assholes will probably get away with another year but they really need to be held accountable for their actions.

I think this will be the year when they will finally get busted. If it happens I can’t wait to see the looks on all of your faces for all those who kept saying that Obama is innocent.

If Obama is seen on TV getting arrested by the police, it would be a media frenzy for sure and would make the history books. If this happens, the internet would be all over it for days.

They not only need to be in jail… they need life in prison and possible death penalty too. They fucking deserve it. It’ll probably take a long time for them to get arrested but the sooner, the better it will be for America. I think it would be better if it was this year.

Anyway, if Obama does get arrested, I can see people still thinking he’s innocent and they will play the race card by saying stuff like the only reason he got arrested ’cause he’s black. They would protest him to get him freed from prison too.

I will always believe that Obama deserves life in prison and lets hope that will happen soon and fast.


8 thoughts on “What will happen to the Obama administration in 2014???”

    1. It is possible to arrest a “sitting” President of the United States guys. President Grant was arrested while speeding on a horse, and yes, he was president at the time. Look it up. All those articles online that make claims that a president must be impeached first before arrest is all made up. No president is above the law.


      1. There were actually TWO presidents that were arrested while in office… Ulysses Grant wasn’t the only one. President Franklin Pierce was the other one. President Pierce was arrested ’cause he ran over an old woman with his horse by accident, and yes, he was President at the time too. I’m pretty sure the US Constitution never changed ever since those two presidents were arrested.

        So yeah, it’s absolutely possible that a sitting president can get arrested. Don’t believe all the bullshit political blogs and stuff out there.

        Other presidents haven’t got arrested in the past ’cause they have so much power over the crimes they committed that they can get away with just about anything.


      2. Grant wasn’t arrested. He was given a ticket and had his carriage impounded, but he walked home to the White House. That’s not being arrested.

        Franklin Pierce’s arrest has been disputed. It was never reported in the papers. Source:

        Another story — that Pierce ran over an elderly woman with his carriage — is almost certainly false, according to historian Peter Wallner, whose Franklin Pierce: Martyr for the Union (Plaidswede) was published this year.

        “The fact that there are no newspaper stories about the accident and it wasn’t mentioned in any correspondence convinced me that it probably didn’t happen,” Wallner told me.

        Can you allow this comment without deleting it, please?

      3. I will stand by it, though, that a president can get arrested while in office. An arrest hardly ever happens ’cause presidents have so much power. There is no where in the Constitution where it states that a president can’t get arrested while in office so I guess that means the law applies to them too.


      4. On another note, if Obama is ever caught with Benghazi and if it was ever proven that he was behind the attacks, I can see him resigning from his Presidency and he’ll probably turn himself into the authorities anyway.


      5. Anyway, it’ll be the smart thing if Obama and Hillary will give themselves up and confess to Benghazi. So many people are blaming them for the attacks and it’s amazing how they still keep quiet. Wish they would give themselves up before trouble kicks them in the ass hard ’cause it will. It can’t be that difficult to give us answers on Benghazi and that’s all America wants, ya know?


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