It’s funny how some think Obama isn’t capable of murder…

It’s great that Americans see President Obama as a horrible president but some still don’t see him being capable of murdering people in cold blood. A lot of people see him as a harmless and innocent guy who isn’t capable of committing horrible things. The reason people think he is harmless and innocent ’cause that’s how he appears. He looks like the kind of guy who wouldn’t do these kind of things. Barack looks like a normal person and he appears to be a nice guy. That’s why some people think he wouldn’t be capable of doing these kind of things and he has a family and all. A lot of people mistakenly view President Obama as a just a guy doing his job as president.

It’s kind of the same way with a serial killer. You know how a serial killer appears to be nice, innocent, and harmless but in reality he’s secretly killing people? Kind of like Dexter, that TV show. He appears to be a good person but he has a dark secret killing people. That’s President Obama, folks. A killer has two different personalities… one bad side and the other the good side. They use their good side to cover up their murderer lifestyle, if you know what I mean? That’s what a lot of serial killers do in real life.

When Obama is accused of killing people in cold-blood, a lot of people will respond, laugh at me and call it conspiracy theory. If they want to call it conspiracy theory, that’s their prerogative. In my eyes, I see Obama being a cold-blooded killer the real thing.

Some may wonder why I don’t concentrate on the stuff reported in the news like Obamacare, Obama’s bad policies, etc. The real stuff that I don’t talk about much. It’s because everybody already knows that stuff.

I like to write things about Obama of what a lot of people don’t know about yet: his past, criminal history, his lies, etc. I like to research about Obama’s life and try to wake people up on a lot of things they don’t know about him. Hope I made my point, ya know? Obama has a controversial and dark past that a lot of you don’t know about. I just want to let people know who you voted for. Letting people know that you voted the wrong guy.

A president is capable of doing horrible things. They can be capable of evil and full of hatred. That’s all Obama. When will people wake up that this man is extremely dangerous and violent?

Don’t be surprised that Obama might have Vladimir Putin as his next murder victim. Does Obama have Putin on his next victim’s list?

President Obama is a very scary man. I’m scared of this man in office and you should be too. Of course, you’ll never admit it. Obama killed too many people. Not just during his presidency, he killed people even before his presidency. Obama being a killer is pretty verifiable information. A lot of people are just ignorant about it. Everybody’s talking about it. It’s nothing new and no secret.

Wake up, America. Stop being so blind and dumb.



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