Neil Young will finally launch his long-awaited Pono Player…

Ever since Apple & Itunes got big, Neil Young hasn’t been too impressed with today’s sound of MP3 players and the Ipod. He just doesn’t like how the sound of the mp3 gets dummied down from the original recording. You know how when you record music on an album and you convert it to Mp3 for the internet, the sound goes down a little bit? That’s what Neil doesn’t want. He wants to stop that from happening so you can get a good, loud, and clean sound out of an mp3. That’s what the Pono player does. On the Pono player you can hear the original sound from the original recording… one that doesn’t lower the resolution of sound.

I’m sure some would accuse Neil Young of wanting to make more money and to please himself with the sound but it’s not true. He wants to improve the sound of digital music for the world. He’s doing this for all of us music lovers.

Pono Music will be launched this week on March, 15th, and the Pono player will cost $399 each.

More on the story here:

Could Neil Young change the future of digital music? Could Pono Music take over the spotlight of Apple/Itunes? I predict yes. Pretty soon, Apple/Itunes will be a thing of the past and something new will come around. I think that will be Neil’s, Pono Music. It may take some time but Pono Music will be big.

I’ll have to agree with Neil though that the sound quality on today’s mp3 is horrible. We deserve better sound quality.

I’m curious on what Pono sounds like myself. I’m sure it will sound way better than the Ipod. I think what Neil is doing is pretty heroic and I wish him luck on this.


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