Confirmed: Miriam Carey shot in the back of head by Capitol Police… she was also not on drugs…

Remember that woman Miriam Carey who was shot dead by police and secret service agents after she tried to crash into a White House gate? The media accused her of being on drugs and being “mentally ill”. All that stuff. It’s turning out that stuff is not really true ’cause she didn’t have any drugs in her system. She wasn’t really trying to crash into the White House gate either, in this article, looks like she was trying to make a U-turn and turn around.

She was an innocent woman killed for no reason. She’s another one who may have connections with Barack Obama and this is why I feel that she’s another one of his murder victims. Another innocent murder victim killed “mysteriously” under the Obama administration.

Of course, Obama defenders would disagree, I know. They’re always gonna call her a crazy woman who deserved to get killed and would think Barack had nothing to do with it no matter the situation. Obama defenders would think this was either an accident or the police did the right thing.

This is just police brutality and them taking orders by none other than, Barack. She’s just another one of those “mysterious” accidents under Barack Obama.

I don’t get this administration. We have so many innocent people getting killed for no reason mysteriously: Miriam Carey, Loretta Fuddy, the victims of Benghazi, Operation F&F, etc. and no answers have come out of any of them. If you think Barack has nothing to do with any of them, you’re fucking delusional. He really needs to be investigated and needs to be held accountable.

I’ve always believed that we may have our first “murderer” President and I’m sticking with it.


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