Thank you Ann Coulter!!!


What Ann Coulter did here is awesome! I heard that Ann Coulter put out this hashtag pic of herself through liberal facebook typically. As usual, liberals are raging mad about this. Why? It’s because her message here is clearly “Who cares about those ‘girls’, we need to fix our country!!!”. She’s never been my favorite either but this is a good message and I agree with it. Not lying and I’m serious about it.

I kind of called out on it the first time I responded to “Bring Back Our Girls” that we really need to focus on getting our country back more. Those Nigerian girls are not our concern.

And once again, where was the outrage when President Obama killed hundreds of children overseas with drones? This makes him look like a fucking hypocrite. Now liberal America feels sorry for those Nigerian girls?

Uggggghhhhh…. I really hate liberalism so much… those people really are a piece of work… You can’t blame Ann for doing this ’cause somebody was going to come out and say something like that anyway… so fuckin’ deal with it.


2 thoughts on “Thank you Ann Coulter!!!”

    1. Absolutely! Glad I’m not the only one who is on her side!!! As long as she got the left all fired up, then she’s doing something right.

      The left wouldn’t have cared about those Nigerian girls if Michelle haven’t responded to it first.


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