Whether O’care is connected to the VA or not, Obama wanted those vets dead either way…

To be honest, I don’t know much about this health care stuff but Obama wanted those vets dead just like he wanted those 4 dead in Benghazi and all those Navy Seals. People can’t get the hint that Obama is a killer. He’s a maniac. A madman. As you heard on that “Benghazi” trailer, I openly called Obama a murderer with my own speaking voice and not afraid of saying it ’cause that’s what Obama is. Obama doesn’t care about those dead vets and he won’t fucking do anything just like he didn’t fucking do anything for Benghazi, IRS, and other scandals even though he claimed he was going to look into it. When people end up being dead, he won’t do anything. He just lies and plays innocent victim. He’s a big baby, ya know?

Maybe O’care doesn’t support Veterans after all but that’s just Obama’s little trick of killing war vets just like he killed war vets in Iraq/Afghanistan. Killing Navy Seals too. Just part of his plan in destroying the military in America and turning us into a Muslim state.

Obama knows what he’s doing. You can see it in his eyes during his statement on the VA.

You can’t trust this administration and they really need to go ’cause as long they’re still in office… they’re gonna keep killing people. His cabinet is full of corrupt and evil people. He appoints people that are pretty similar to him. People who are liars, non-trusting and had a possible criminal history.  That’s how Obama gets away with his crimes… he knows they would help protect him. He would never hold anybody in his cabinet accountable ’cause they help him. They’re all dangerous people. Not just Obama.


3 thoughts on “Whether O’care is connected to the VA or not, Obama wanted those vets dead either way…”

  1. If you don’t know much about this “healthcare stuff”, then why are you so opposed to the ACA? Seems that someone with such strong feelings about something should at least understand it.

  2. bone needs quit being an idiot. I oppose everything Obama does. I oppose his fraud presidency overall. I don’t have to understand the ACA in order to dislike it. Fuck off. Seriously.


    1. And to be honest, nobody understands the ACA aka Obamacare. FUCKING NOBODY!!!! Not me. Not you or anyone else. People treat the ACA positively ’cause they mistakenly believe they understand it. Nobody understands it. Nobody understands Obama’s fake presidency and nobody can understand the criminal and murderer that he really is.

      You know exactly what I’m talking about and you know exactly how Obama is, you keep defending Obama ’cause you like the attention of pissing me off and it’s getting old. You have a different opinion on almost everything I write on here and that’s getting old too. That’s why I think you’re a piece of work.


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