Snyder gives Clark Kent a new look? No glasses and fedora hat???



New set pictures leaked to the web of Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice” film. Here you see Henry Cavill on set which looks to be a large green screen room. So Snyder is ditching the usual Clark Kent image? As you can see, the new Clark is still wearing the suit and tie but no glasses and fedora hat.

From what I remember, the new Clark Kent was revealed at the very end of “Man of Steel” and the new Clark was indeed wearing glasses. If I remember correctly, the new Clark put on the glasses while going up in an elevator at the Daily Planet.

Maybe Clark still does wear glasses. Maybe Henry just doesn’t wear them on set while they’re not filming? Look like he’s just taking a little break or something.

All the ladies love this guy, though. The women thinks he’s good looking. Of course he have to be good looking or else Superman wouldn’t work.

Definitely looking forward to “Dawn of Justice”. I’m sure Snyder will give us another action packed ride!


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