New photo of Superman released for “Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice”…



The first photo above is the new screen shot still from “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” released by Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. As you can see there has been a slight change in Superman’s costume and look. Superman’s hair is different. As you can see they combed it back which is kind of like a homage to George Reeves, Superman. I see that Snyder is still avoiding the S curl in Superman’s hair which is good.

In Cavill’s new costume, the abs are slightly different and the cape looks kind of different too.

I’m liking it!

I’m sure we’ll see another pic of Ben as Batman soon and we’ll get to see what color the new suit is for Ben’s Batman. I’m sure they’ll give us a pic of the new Wonder Woman too. They’ll give us a pic of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor too.

Jason Momoa has been signed to play AquaMan but nobody has been casted for the Flash or the Green Lantern yet. It’ll be interesting on who they’ll cast for the Flash and the Green Lantern.


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