Obama really is a despicable human being, I’m tired of his bullshit…

One of our important generals… Gen. Harold Greene has been shot and killed by an Afghan soldier. The pic above was his funeral. Was Obama there? No. Where was he? Yep, you betcha, he was out golfing at Martha’s Vineyard.

Just today, Obama took a tiny break from vacation to come over to the White House to respond to the riots in Ferguson and the things going on with Isis. I think Obama did a press conference today and sure enough, went off back to Martha’s Vineyard right after.

Everybody’s so hurt and offended at racism against blacks… but what about racism against whites? How is it not racist that Obama keeps ignoring Harold Greene? Obama didn’t even acknowledge his death at all. No response from Obama. That’s what Obama did to sniper Chris Kyle. Obama completely ignored him too.

Unless a US soldier is black or Muslim, Obama would show support but when a white soldier dies, Obama doesn’t care. When an important general like Harold Greene dies, the president needs to be there to show compassion and condolences but Obama didn’t do any of that. Instead of cancelling the rest of Obama’s vacation to show support for Harold Greene, Obama continues to golf while the funeral was going on. That is not what a real president would do. If Bill Clinton or George W. Bush was still president, they would have been at the Gen. Greene’s funeral.

If you think what I explained above isn’t worthy of hatred against Obama, then I don’t wanna talk to you anymore. I would completely ignore you and I’m pretty serious about this too. He really is a piece of garbage, self centered, egomaniac. Obama is the real racist here. He hates white people and him ignoring Gen. Greene is proof of that. If you can’t see that, then you need to get your head out of your ass and wake up.

Usually when Obama stays silent on a US soldiers death, I absolutely think he had something to do with it.


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