How to handle people who are assholes to you, online and off…


Do you have a lot of people who are assholes in your life, whether online or off? I sure do!!! How to handle people who are assholes? Just like the photo above says, “Keep calm and Ignore Assholes”. That’s it!

I know we all want to live a positive and happy life but you can’t do that if you’re going to keep responding to assholes. Do you have someone in your life treating you like shit all the time? Every time someone opens their mouth it have to be negative and hateful about you??? They can never say anything positive???

Don’t respond to them. Just ignore them and walk away.

If someone is an asshole to you in person, it’s not that difficult to shut people out of your life. I do it all the time and it works.

If someone is an asshole to you online…that’s why all these sites give you the options to block or delete people. Strict moderating gives you the power to remove negative people from your life. This is why I’m strict on moderating online. Just my way of getting assholes out of my sight.

When people wanna be assholes, I just delete ’em and ignore ’em. I’m the same way on facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. When someone writes in a hateful comment… it’s deleted and they’re blocked. As for wordpress, I can’t block people on here ’cause there’s no feature for that but when asshole comments come in, I just delete ’em and ignore ’em.

Ignoring really is a powerful thing. When you ignore people completely, they will leave you alone once they get the hint that you don’t care what they have to say about you. If people don’t ignore you and they just keep hating and hating and hating and they won’t stop… they obviously have a lot of issues. Some people really become obsessed with being an asshole to you, it’s just sad. They have nothing better to do. Haters are gonna hate.

There are assholes everywhere… online and off. People usually be an asshole to you online ’cause they are too much of a coward to say stuff to your face.

If you wanna be above the haters and negative people… don’t respond to any of them.

People in facebook always have that problem. You see people every day in facebook ranting about how assholes are trying to put them down.

I have no time for drama and negativity with anybody. I got better things to do and better things to worry about like living my own life and being happy. I just like to speak my mind and ignore everyone’s bullshit.

You’ll never win argument with an asshole or a drama queen. You’re just gonna make things worse by arguing back and forth with this person. Best thing to do is not respond. Not care.

Don’t worry about people who treat you badly. Just continue to live life the way you want to and keep being you. That’s probably why some people treat you like shit ’cause they don’t like how the way you want to live your life.

Get rid of all assholes completely and life will be great!


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