The focus on Benghazi is mostly on Hillary but it should be on Obama…

How can you tell that Obama orchestrated the Benghazi attacks and gave the order? It’s easy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he was behind it and you don’t really need hard evidence to tell that he was. For the last two years, everybody have been blaming Hillary. Sure, Obama is getting the blame for Benghazi but not as much as Hillary. Hillary has been getting the blame more obviously.

Not only that Obama was missing in action during the 13 hours and he flew off to Las Vegas after is how you can tell, it’s more than that. It gets deeper.

Other ways you can tell that Obama was totally responsible for the Benghazi attacks are:

  • Hillary couldn’t have done it alone: The American people wants to blame Hillary on the attacks. Yes, she’s definitely responsible but she obviously had some help. She couldn’t have got up and said, “Look, I’m gonna attack the Benghazi compound facility”. She couldn’t have done that by herself without the approval of top government officials like the President for starters. She couldn’t have done all that work and not get caught. If she did all that by herself, she would have gotten caught immediately so she obviously got some help from Obama and the administration. She couldn’t have done this on her own. Obviously, somebody sent her out to do this and it’s gotta be none other than Obama who gave her the instructions to attack the Compound facility and the CIA Annex. I think this is part of why Obama had to go out in hiding… give Hillary the work while he is away. If Obama did it all himself, then the American people would have put the blame on him. He used Hillary as his protector and shield.
  • They knew exactly when the attack was gonna start and when it ended: Right when the attack got over, Hillary sent out a statement… sending out her condolences to the families of those 4 and immediately blamed it on the youtube video. They obviously knew everything going on ’cause they had a guy named Bob giving stand down orders and talking to someone on the phone. They had surveillance drones flying. They had cameras all over the Compound too. The attacks was carefully orchestrated and planned.
  • Obama refuses to talk: If Obama keeps doing all of this stonewalling… refusing to talk and lying… then he’s definitely got something to hide. If he refuses to talk and give us answers, then he’s up to something.
  • President is in charge of everything: Yes, it’s true. President is in charge of everything. He’s in charge of the Compound facility (it is neither a Consulate or an embassy, more on that another time), the military and the CIA. There are people who mistakenly believe that the President wasn’t involved in the Benghazi attacks but it doesn’t make any sense that he wouldn’t be. He denied them military help and the CIA wasn’t allowed to help either. Only the president gives orders to the CIA to stand down.

I don’t see how it’s conspiracy theory when all the facts I pointed out is above.

Yes, Hillary is responsible but this is why he had her do the work for him so the people wouldn’t know that he was involved.

Obama may have been missing in action during the 13 hours but I’m sure he wasn’t that hard to find. I’m sure Obama locked himself up in a room at the White House somewhere talking to Bob on the phone, yes, Bob the CIA guy. Bob was watching everything going on for Obama.

I’ve been following the Benghazi story very carefully and the whole attack seemed carefully planned and orchestrated. The Benghazi attackers knew what they wanted to do and what their mission was…  to kidnap Ambassador Stevens and trade him for a prisoner which failed miserably obviously.

After all this research and reading about the Benghazi attacks, it does seem like that all those attackers were sent out by a certain somebody… that’s none other than Obama.

The attack had nothing to do with the stupid video since there was no evidence of that. Anybody who thinks Obama wasn’t involved are the ones who are delusional, not me. He’s commander in chief… of course, he was.

Everybody already knows the answers of Benghazi, it just needs to get proven by Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee. Don’t be surprised when Trey finds out that Benghazi was a gun running operation and a failed kidnapping attempt.

The House of Reps. just approved Syrian rebels to be armed so they can fight Isis. I think that is proof of Obama’s gun running obsession. That should give you another clue that he was totally behind Benghazi.

I believe in Trey Gowdy and think he will do a great job exposing Obama and Hillary. When I watched Trey Gowdy’s opening statement yesterday, you can see the look on his face that he really does care about getting to the bottom of this. Trey Gowdy cares just like the rest of us right wingers. He really does care about the Benghazi 4 and he really shows it. It will be a long and tough investigation but I think we will be successful at getting the truth.


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