If Obama won’t make us Americans feel safe, then why should he feel safe? Think about it, ya know???

Once again… open borders in Mexico, Isis in Iraq, Ebola, not providing security for Benghazi, spying on Americans, targeting Americans through the IRS, forcing people to get Obamacare, etc. The usual crimes and scandals list. Why should Obama feel safe after all that I listed??? Think about it a few minutes, ya know?

Reports are now saying that the intruder is a danger to the president? LOL. Wow! When will America wake up and realize that Obama is a danger to us. If he’s a danger to us, of course, he’s gonna get more people targeting Obama. That’s what he gets for the way he treated America since 2008. Americans are getting fed up with it all. We’re getting sick of Obama and the guy who entered the White House is probably sick of him too. I’m not saying that the guy who intruded the White House is a hero, I’m not on his side… I’m neutral on this but Obama is gonna get a lot more of this if he keeps up his bullshit. The more Obama keeps treating America badly.

I don’t really care if Obama isn’t feeling safe ’cause like I said before, he deserves it since Obama didn’t care to provide security at Benghazi. This is only the beginning for Barack. It’s gonna keep getting worse for him if he’s gonna keep up his bullshit. I think it’s best that he should resign immediately if he doesn’t want anything dangerous to happen to him.

Obama had this coming, folks. Again, why should Americans care about Obama’s safety after all the shit he gave Americans since 2008??? Think about it a while.


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