Media is still all over the White House fence jumper…

There are now reports all over the web that the White House fence jumper ended up getting pretty far inside the White House than revealed in the media. There are also a lot of talk that the Secret Service claims that the White House fence jumper just simply wanted to go there to warn Obama that the Earth’s atmosphere is collapsing, which I find a bunch of bull. The last thing you wanna believe are anything that comes out of the White House. That’s just according to the Secret Service.

If the guy wanted to warn the President about the Earth’s atmosphere collapsing, why would he have a knife and why would he have a bunch of weapons in his car??? I think the “Secret Service” is lying about the “Earth atmosphere is collapsing” part as a way to make people think that the fence jumper wasn’t planning to do something dangerous to Obama. Why would someone go through all that trouble just to warn somebody something? If he wanted to warn somebody something, he could have tried calling the White House or write a letter to them. Something like that. I just find the “atmosphere collapsing” part a bunch of crock, that’s just according to the Secret Service.

In reality, we would never know the real reason why the fence jumper entered the White House until Gonzalez goes to court for that.

Anyway, no matter what you think of this, other people are gonna try it. Just wait until those illegals from Mexico make their way to D.C. or wait until Isis gets over here. More mentally ill people in America are gonna try it too.

Maybe when some people who try to enter the White House doesn’t plan to do anything dangerous to the President? Maybe some just wanna see what it’s like inside?

I’m still standing by it that this is karma for Obama on how he’s been treating our country for the last 6 years. It’s just gonna keep happening to him more and more.

Since this Gonzalez guy is a vet, maybe he’s just upset at Obama of the way he’s been treating our troops for the last 6 years?  Maybe it’s also a message that Obama should close the border and do something about ISIS. Something to think about for a few minutes.


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