The big screen version of Stephen King’s “The Stand” will be 4 parts and Matt McConaughey set to play Randall Flagg!!!

Even more good movie news, the big screen version of “The Stand” based upon the book by Stephen King will be split into 4 parts. “The Fault In Our Stars” director, Josh Boone will helm the big screen version of “The Stand”. Matt McConaughey have also been signed to play the film’s main villain, Randall Flagg which is gonna be awesome!!!

I remember seeing the mini-series version of “The Stand” on TV w/ Gary Sinise in the leading role and I remember it being pretty good.

I’m excited for Matt McConaughey playing Randall Flagg. Randall Flagg is a very popular Stephen King villain. Matt have been my favorite actor for a long while now. I’ve been impressed with him as of late. I loved Matt’s acting in movies like “Interstellar”, “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and “Killer Joe”. “The Lincoln Lawyer” was a pretty good movie too.

I think Matt’s gonna make a great, Randall Flagg. He’s gonna kill that role. Some of you out there may have not seen Matt play a villain before but he did play a villain in a movie before. Check out his movie, “Killer Joe” and you would see that he can play a great villain that makes you want to hate him.

Why is the big screen movie gonna be 4 parts? It’s because the novel is pretty thick. If they made it one movie, it would be a long movie so they would have to split in parts so they can fit the whole story as much as possible.

I’m gonna have to re-read “The Stand” novel. Haven’t read it in a long time.


3 thoughts on “The big screen version of Stephen King’s “The Stand” will be 4 parts and Matt McConaughey set to play Randall Flagg!!!”

    1. I agree but Ron Howard is still struggling to get the film made. They were dropped by Warner Bros. and Universal. Javier Bardem dropped the role of Roland the Gunslinger and now they have no casting yet. I don’t know what’s going on with the “The Dark Tower” film and haven’t heard any latest news. I’m a huge “Dark Tower” fan. Love all the books too and hope they can get these movies made successfully.


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