Sadly, Saul Alinsky have changed things for America and I don’t like it…

Sadly, it’s true. The works of Saul Alinsky have pretty much taken over America. You wanna know why Hillary and Barack happened? All because of one man, Saul Alinsky. Wanna know why the mainstream news media is so liberal bias? That’s all Saul Alinsky inspired. You wanna know why liberals in America are so loyal to their party and would do anything to defend it? All Saul Alinsky. You wanna know why liberals are obsessed with defending Barack and Hillary? Wanna know why people people still support them and can’t see the evil in them two? All the works of Saul Alinsky. Wanna know why liberals are intolerant? Wanna know why liberals get so defensive when they’re disagreed with? All Saul Alinsky. Wanna know why they shove things like gay marriage, abortion and gun control in our faces? All Saul Alinsky. Wanna know why democrat politicians commit crimes and they have the power to get away with it? All Saul Alinsky. Wanna know why that liberal America have turned into cop hating all of a sudden ’cause of all this race stuff? All Saul Alinsky.

Sure, many liberals in America may have never heard of Saul Alinksy and never read his books but agree with it or not, you guys are learning his lessons from his books. Barack Obama have been teaching you his lessons since he got elected in 2008.

Barack have taught liberals how to hate conservatives and Republicans. Barack tricked liberals into thinking that he was a good guy and a good president when you know he’s not. All Saul Alinsky.

I’ve read Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules For Radicals” and even though I don’t like the guy at all, the book was pretty interesting to say the least. I read the book just for research alone. All of Obama’s policies and goals are Saul Alinsky inspired. You know back in 2008 elections about Obama’s speech about “Hope and Change”??? All that is Saul Alinsky too. Everything Obama have been doing is Saul Alinsky. It’s a book that teaches how to become a radical. This is the man that made Obama. “Rules For Radicals” book is pretty much Obama’s bible.

I read through the book and it supports Communism and Marxism all the way through. Some people say Obama is not a communist??? HAHA! Please!!!!

I really can’t stand the way liberalism is today, guys. It really has gotten out of hand and I used to have no problem with liberalism before the Obama administration. Before then, liberalism wasn’t all that bad. It’s really bad right now ’cause that’s how Obama wanted it and he was successful.

I’m really starting to hate discussing politics online ’cause of “liberalism”. It’s hard to escape from those people ’cause they’re everywhere. This country is still centered around liberalism and I hate it. Really fucking hate it. Politics used to never be “liberalism vs. conservatives”. It is this way now ’cause of Saul Alinsky.

If it wasn’t for that stupid book, imagine how much different politics would be today? I’m sure Hillary and Barack wouldn’t have been around. I wished that book never been published.

We can’t continue to have liberals take over this country and thinking the world revolves around them. Saul Alinsky taught them that.

We have to have a real change and make America great and “strong” again ’cause I feel liberalism have weakened our beautiful country for sure. Conservatives calling out Obama all the time isn’t about taking down Obama. We’re just patriots who have a strong love for our homeland, trying to do whatever it takes to protect our country. We’re just very scared, that is all. Yet, liberals get out of their way to call us bad guys and trouble makers. Saul Alinsky taught them that too.

Fuck liberalism and fuck Saul Alinsky too. It’s real sad the way this country is going. We definitely deserve better than this.


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