Say What? Next installment of “24” without Kiefer???

Interesting! Looks like Kiefer finally wants to be done with “24” and move on. I can’t blame the guy ’cause he has played the character, Jack Bauer, for over a decade and he must be finally sick of it! Well, FOX announced that they are in talks of doing more 24 but without Kiefer. However, though, they made it clear they are not “moving on without him” so he might be up for more appearances but they just want to try to do something without him. Kiefer himself is all cool with them doing something new without him.

The next installment is probably gonna be taken place in Russia but I don’t wanna reveal any big spoilers of “Live Another Day”.

Who’s gonna take over the leading role when Kiefer leaves? Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe) can’t fight terrorists all by herself so they’re gonna have to find a new male lead. The new male lead is gonna be tough to top Kiefer. The new male lead will need to be a badass and it will be tough to find.

Could a “24” without Kiefer be successful? I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.

“24” is my favorite franchise, though. I’m willing to give a Kiefer-less “24” a try!


3 thoughts on “Say What? Next installment of “24” without Kiefer???”

  1. It is similar to Jack Ryan in the numerous Tom Clancy movies Harrison ford was the only well played Jack Ryan in my opinion. I would not mind seeing 24 hit the big screen.

    1. Kind of funny ’cause I just re-watched, “Patriot Games” and “Clear & Present Danger” on Netflix last week. Both are very good films! Yes, I agree… Harrison played the best Jack Ryan.

      I remember a long while back Harrison said he wanted to play Jack Ryan again sometime.

      A little info here:

      I did see the new Jack Ryan movie, “Shadow Recruit” with Chris Pine but it sucked.


      1. Ford could still pull it off. I would like to see the Late Vince Flynn’s novels hit the big screen. Recurring character Mitch Rapp..

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