Fighting back at Obama’s imperial presidency is not bigotry and hatred, it’s patriotism!!!

It’s funny how when you want to call out Obama’s bad presidency, you get accused of bigotry and being a hater. If that’s what liberals wanna call it, then that’s fine. The sad part is that liberals continue to see Obama as a president who is just doing his job and then they continue to make claims that Obama is no different than past presidents when ever he is accused of something. They just see Obama as a president who is doing his job while they fail to see all the crimes that he’s committing, the lies he told us over the years and continues to destroy America. It’s amazing to me how they don’t wanna learn when we try to tell them. When we do try to tell people about all of the bad things that Obama have done over the years, people will call us “conspiracy theorists” and tell us we’ve been watching too much FOX News or listening to too much Rush Limbaugh or whatever, ya know? They’ll even tell us that we’ve been reading too much “right wing” stuff on Google or Wikipedia.

Each time I bash Obama online… I get attacked by the left all the time. Even in facebook forums that are for Conservatives only, we still get attacked by liberals. They really don’t like us hating on their precious Obama at all. It’s fuckin’ crazy, ya know? I get attacked by liberals everywhere. Even in my own facebook page and on this blog. I sometimes get attacked by liberals in front of my face.

I definitely blame the mainstream media for this. All the big news outlets such as NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc. who all refused to be realistic about Obama’s presidency. If they did their jobs, then maybe liberals would have woken up then, I don’t know. That’s why some call stuff like Benghazi, Operation F&F and the IRS Scandals “conspiracy theory” ’cause none of those news networks I listed refuses to embarrass this administration about those crimes. The left-wing media is the key, that’s why liberals still won’t wake up. After all the stuff going on with Brian Williams should be good enough to show you that the left-wing media isn’t to be trusted. Liberals think Obama is a good man ’cause the mainstream media makes him look that way.

It’s interesting how some can’t see that Obama is a bad man yet, though. Once again, it didn’t take me long to figure Obama out. I never liked him since the first election in 2008. I always had a bad feeling about him the first time I saw his face on TV. It shouldn’t have taken you this long to figure out how bad he is as well. Liberals thinks he is incapable of destroying America but he is. You can’t trust politicians as a whole. Most of them are all about political power and money. They’re all different and not all of them are good people. Politicians are capable of anything that includes all parties. Yes, they are all capable of committing crimes and getting away with it. That’s how much power they have.

Obama is capable of bombing buildings, sending guns to terrorists, killing innocent people that steps in his way and all that stuff.

Liberals really are getting way out of hand. That’s why whenever I wanna bash Obama and tell the truth, I have no choice but to ignore them. I’m done debating with all of them. When they respond, just ignore it… that’s what I’ve been doing.

My question is, how could people vote for a guy that you don’t know much about? Nobody knows much about his past. The guy is so mysterious and less-transparent. That automatically makes him a dangerous and a non-trusting individual. That’s pretty much why he never got my vote for both of his elections. If we knew more about him and if he was more honest, then maybe I would have taken him more seriously but no matter what anyone says or thinks, my feelings on this man will never change.


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