Rudy Giulani continues to tell more Obama truth, says that Obama has been influenced by communist people since his youth…

Despite the predictable liberal backlash only for telling the truth about Obama, Rudy is not backing down! That’s why he has my full respect! I’ve been saying from day 1 now that Obummer is nothing but an anti-American commie.

Barack’s communist life is well-documented. I’ve been saying for years now on my blog that American has elected a communist. American elected him twice. We have a commie president in the White House. I tried to warn everyone from day 1 but nope. Everyone wants to deny it and can’t accept the truth. I tried to tell everyone on my blog for years that Obummer is a commie and all you idiots did was laugh at my face and made claims that he isn’t without any proof to back it up.

If you read this article, you can see that Rudy brings up a few familiar names… Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky who I brought up on my site many times. He also brought up Barack’s association with Jeremiah Wright who helped influenced Obama to become anti-American and Wright was the one who helped made Obama for what he is today.

We all know about Barack’s history, y’all.

One thing that Rudy forgot to mention is Barack’s association with Pentagon bomber, Bill Ayers who is also a communist. Barack’s association with Ayers is well-documented too.

Like I said many times everything Obummer is doing to the country is all the works of Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx. “The Communist Manifesto” and “Rules For Radicals” are two books who helped made Obama for what he is. Those two books are his bibles and you can also throw in the Qu’ran too! Obummer is a communist and Muslim.

This stuff is all out there. There’s all kinds of evidence proving it yet, America wants to ignore it and still wants to support Obummer anyway. What the hell is wrong with that? Fucking liberals, my god!!!!

I’m just happy that Rudy is bringing this info all out there in the mainstream. Thank you, Rudy and keep it going, man! \m/


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