Just realized something, “Birdman” IS the first live-action superhero film to win big at the Oscars…

Why are so many superhero fanatics so upset that a live-action superhero film can’t win Best Picture at the Oscars when a live-action superhero film just won big last night? That’s the movie “Birdman” which is a film about a superhero. “Birdman” may not be DC or Marvel but it’s still a superhero film. “Birdman” and “Big Hero 6” are proof that a comic book superhero film can make the Oscars in the future.

Could movies like “Batman vs. Superman”, “Justice League”, “Spiderman”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and all that stuff make the Oscars for a “Best Picture” nomination in the future? Who knows. It’s just that the fact that “Birdman” and “Big Hero 6” were superhero films that made the Oscars opens the doors for more superhero films in the future.

That’s why I said that I’m glad that “Birdman” got the win despite “American Sniper” getting ignored ’cause “Birdman” winning is better than “Boyhood” and “Selma” winning, ya know what I mean? “Birdman” winning “Best Picture” was actually a good idea and probably well-deserved even if I haven’t seen the film yet but planning to.

Finally superhero flicks are getting the recognition at the Oscars. I wanted to see “Birdman” in the theaters but the film was only playing in selected theaters and didn’t get around to it so I’ll just wait for DVD rental.

People wanted superhero flicks to get nods at the Oscars and they got that last night, people are still complaining. Haters are gonna hate, I guess.


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