If Obama claims that he loves Spock, he should at least get the Vulcan hand sign right…

Is Obummer really a Star Trek fan as he claims? Hilarious, coming from a guy who embarrassingly came up with, “Jedi Mind Meld” and now he can’t even get the Vulcan hand right. The thumb needs to be out more. At least, Nichelle Nichols here has it right.

I think Obummer didn’t get the Vulcan hand sign right on purpose ’cause if he did get it right, he would be blessing Jews ’cause that’s what the Vulcan hand sign is. That’s where it came from and everybody knows Obummer is no fan of Jewish people.

If he is able to spread his four fingers apart like that, then he is capable of spreading out his thumb too. It’s not that hard to do. If you don’t get the Vulcan hand sign right, you’re disrespecting the Jewish people and Leonard has a Jewish background.

On top of that, a president shouldn’t be mourning the deaths of celebrities. I never saw previous presidents do that. A real president would be mourning the deaths of terrorist victims, soldiers who died in wars, soldiers who were tragically murdered for no reason like Chris Kyle for example and he needs to mourn world leaders who passes away like Margaret Thatcher who he completely ignored. He keeps mourning celebrities who passes instead of people that really matter.

Obummer is such a piece of garbage.


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