Wow, Nobel Peace Prize committee chairman fired… yes, the man who gave Obama the award…

The Nobel Peace Prize committee chairman, Thorbjørn Jagland, has been fired from his job with no reason given. Yes, this was the man who has given Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize at the beginning of his presidency.

The reason he felt Barack deserved the award was this is his reply to all of his critcs: “Hitting back at critics after Obama’s prize, Jagland said the organisation wanted to praise the US leader’s early vision of a world free of nuclear weapons and capture “the spirit of the times, the needs of the era”.”

Really? I think this guy is blind and dumb. I think he got fired ’cause he gave the award to someone who really didn’t deserve it. Barack hasn’t done anything special or “heroic” to get the award. If you think he deserved it, then you’re fucking delusional. A president getting the Nobel Peace Prize doesn’t make him a good president at all.

I think this guy getting fired just proves that giving Barack the award was a stupid idea. I can’t think of no other reason why he was fired. By now, I’m pretty sure the liberals are calling the Nobel Peace Prize committee a bunch of bigots, racists and crazy republicans for ousting this guy.


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