Obama makes ridiculous “Heard it On the news” claim again over Hillary e-mails… *yawn*

Obama predictably makes the ridiculous and bullshit claim that he heard about the Hillary e-mail scandal on the news like everyone else. Funny thing is he said the same thing in response toward other scandals such as “Operation: F&F”, the IRS, Airforce One fly over NYC and everything else. Remember, Obama making this claim is nothing new.

In my opinion, I think he knew. He knew everything and he’s just pretending that he doesn’t know. When he’s in charge of the State Dept., it’s really hard to buy that claim. He should know everything that goes on in the State Dept. so of course he would know… and like I said before Barack and Hillary are very close together, they’ve always have been.

He also probably knew all the other scandals that happened before as well.

Anybody who actually believes Obama lies just because he’s President of the United States is a stupid idiot. Just because you have liberal views doesn’t necessarily mean you have to believe everything Obama says and you don’t have to agree with everything he does either. Libtards are so obsessed with the guy, it’s crazy. To the libtards, there is nothing bad about Obama no matter the situation. Everything he does is “heroic” and “inspirational”. They think he’s incapable of doing criminal and crazy things when they constantly accuse Bush of doing the same thing. I think the only reason liberals still blindly support him is ’cause of Obamacare, he supports gay marriage (which he flip flopped on many times) and his criticism toward Republicans. Plus, the media doesn’t want to make the guy look bad in front of liberals. Gotta protect liberalism, gotta protect the president.

If Obama claims he heard about it on the news, then there’s a pretty good chance that he did know about it.


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