Yep, so now the FCC lets us read that 400 page document about “net neutrality”…

Yep, I figured that the only reason that the FCC approved Obama’s “net neutrality” was so they can show us that 400 page document. They kept the document top secret before so they can get us talking. Get us talking as a way to get us all excited and scared or whatever as their sneaky little way to hype up “net neutrality”. They wouldn’t show this document until “net neutrality” gets approved and now they show us. Pretty shady, I must say!

Here ya go:

Click to access FCC-15-24A1.pdf

I didn’t read the whole thing. Took a quick look at it but if you want an easier breakdown of “net neutrality”, check this out:

A little more about it here:

It all sounds pretty scary and it’s already looking like that it’s the Obama administration’s way of censoring political speech on the web. Either that or they just want to try and stop people from getting top secret government information on the web. As a way to cover up their crimes even more. It’s also a way for Obama to combat his political enemies and haters. Conservatives would soon be thrown in jail ’cause of all the anti-Obama stuff we do.

Do you really want the government to take over the internet? Is Net Neutrality really all that exciting? I don’t. Anything that Obama comes up with should be very dangerous like Obamacare, Net Neutrality, etc. I wouldn’t trust anything Obama does at all.

When Net neutrality happens, I’m getting rid of my internet and I mean that.


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