Why I believe Daniel Craig is wearing all black on the “Spectre” poster…

I know a lot of people find the Spectre poster with Daniel Craig wearing all black and a turtle neck kind of silly but there’s a reason he’s wearing all black. They are definitely teasing you something and I’m about to tell you what it is.

When 007 is wearing all black like that, he’s giving you a hint that he’s about ready to sneak around somewhere. He’s about to sneak around somewhere when it’s dark out so he can’t be seen by the bad guys. I assume he’s probably gonna be sneaking around on Spectre island and stealth his way into the volcano base as you saw in the film, “You Only Live Twice”. He’s probably gonna be sneaking around until he confronts Blofeld who is the leader of Spectre. Blofeld is probably gonna be played by Christoph Waltz. Blofeld appeared in other 007 films before but he was played by other actors.

The new poster is just a teaser… teasing you that Spectre is making a comeback in the next 007 film. I think we’ll get a teaser trailer pretty soon revealing more that the terrorist group named Spectre is making a big return.

Like I said before, if you’re a longtime Bond fan, you’d probably already know what Spectre is. I’m sure there’s a lot of new Bond fans who haven’t even seen the older films so the new fans won’t know what Spectre is.

Will we see the return of the volcano base? I think there’s a pretty good chance we will. “You Only Live Twice” is a pretty sick 007 film, though.


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