I think it’s finally proven that Michelle is a man, Joan Rivers was right, y’all…

Michelle not only adjusted her crotch on the Ellen show, she (or he, lol) showed off her bulge when she was wearing those white pants.

Sorry y’all but I don’t see how you can deny the truth on this one. Every time someone points out all the evidence that Michelle is a man dressed as a woman, libtards will deny it every time. I don’t see how you can defend her on this one ’cause the proof is right here.

E.T. Williams is right on the money that you can clearly see her bulge moving as she (or he) dances.

The Ellen dance video should be irrefutable proof that Michelle is a man.

Of course, the mainstream media is never gonna pick up on it, though. Now you understand why Michelle appears on Ellen all the time and not any other talk shows.

Of course, this wasn’t the only time Michelle showed off her bulge, she showed it off by mistake several other times in the past before.


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