Obama appears to be more of an imminent threat than Putin, Assad, Ayatollah, etc…. surprised???

A third of Republicans believe that Obama is more of an imminent threat than other world political figures.

If you look at this: http://polling.reuters.com/#!search/threat to USA

You would see that Obama ranks higher than Putin, Assad, Ayatollah and other dangerous political figures. Those other guys I listed are dangerous and evil yes but not as dangerous as Obama. Kimg-Jong un and Obama are pretty much tied.


Yo liberals, we don’t bash Obama for no reason, ya know? Yet we always get called a bunch of names like conspiracy theorists, bigots, haters, racists, etc. I’ve always saw Obama as a threat to America from day 1. It didn’t take me that long to figure that out at all. Anyone who thinks Obama is harmless is an idiot. I repeat LOUD AND CLEAR. AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

Someday you’re gonna regret defending this man, Obama. Even worse, you’re gonna regret voting him twice. We try our best to tell you how evil and dangerous this man is and it’s just insane no one on the left wants to listen to us.


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